Technical Committee

Dear participants,

I extend a warm welcome to the I NATIONAL CONGRESS OF GREEN HYDROGEN, which will take place in Huelva on February 7th, 8th and 9th, 2024.

It was necessary to have a National Congress that brings together the large industry, all national actors in the Green Hydrogen sector, electric sector, and renewable energies.

We have taken the initiative, and from the city of Huelva, home to a large industrial complex, with a privileged geographical location for the new global market of Green Hydrogen, we organize this first congress to which we invite you.


We have developed an agenda by themes:
- Rosources: Electricity, Water, Electrolysers.

- Chemical Industry: H2 Production, Synthetic Fuels with Green H2, H2 Carriers, Methanol, Green Fertilizers.

- Transport Sector with Green H2 or derivatives; land, air, sea.

- Steel and Cement Industry.

- Auxiliary Industry.

- Logistics, storage, and distribution.

- Regulatory and training.

We will have the large Chemical Industry, with major hydrogen consumers in their processes, the electric sector, the major players in land, air and maritime mobility, and the business sector in general.

Top-level speakers, panelists, and participants will share real experiences and major investment plans in this sector.

It will be a great meeting point to get to know each other and work towards realizing Spain's potential in Green Hydrogen production and derived applications, for our own internal consumption and for export to Europe and the world.

We hope to see you at this I National Congress of Green Hydrogen!


                                                                                                                                                               President of the Technical Committee of the I National Congress of Green Hydrogen


Members of the Technical Committee

Jerry Bishop

Jose Manuel Andujar Marquez

University of Huelva

Jerry Bishop

Paqui Segura

University of Huelva

Jerry Bishop

Vicente Cortes Galeano


Jerry Bishop

Rafael Eugenio Romero Garcia

Manager AIQBE-
Association of Chemical, Basic and Energy Industries of Huelva

Jerry Bishop

Africa Castro Rosendo

Industrial Engineer

Jerry Bishop

Joaquin Perez Novo

Business Development Director

Jerry Bishop

Rafael Luque Berruezo

CEO Ariema

Jerry Bishop

Ignacio de Benito Secades

President of the Green Hydrogen Board of Andalusia

Jerry Bishop

Cristina Rivero Fernández

Industry, Energy, Environment and Climate Director

Jerry Bishop

Miguel Angel Mejias Arroyo

AYTO Huelva
Mayor's Office Coordinator for Planning and Projects

Jerry Bishop

Juan Luis Dominguez


Jerry Bishop

Sagrario González Díaz

Provincial Secretary of the 
Treasury, Economy and European Funds Delegation

Jerry Bishop


 INTA's Flight Physics Department

Jerry Bishop

Fernando Isorna Llerena

Head of the Energy and
Environment Area at INTA

Jerry Bishop

Juan del Olmo

Enagás Huelva