Casa Colón

Pl. del Punto, 6, 21003 Huelva
Casa Colón

Organization and spaces

Casa Colón is the name given to a group of historic buildings located in the heart of the capital of Huelva.

The complex, inaugurated in 1883 as the Gran Hotel Colón, is currently a venue for congresses and exhibitions. The promoters of its construction were Hugh Mathenson Doetsch and Guillermo Sundheim with the support of the Rio Tinto Company itself, who in 1881 decided to build it to house the top executives of the companies that exploited the mines of the Huelva mining basin.
  In June 1893, it was considered the most luxurious hotel in Europe, it had all kinds of luxuries, such as hot water, a luxury at that time.

On December 23rd, 1889, in what was known as the "Salón de Chimeneas", the founding act of the Huelva Recreation Club was signed, with the participation of Doctor Mackay and the businessman Guillermo Sundheim and important personalities of the time. Huelva is the cradle of soccer in Spain and Recreativo de Huelva is the dean of Spanish soccer.
Conference center
Conference room and commercial presentations in an auditorium in Casa Colón with capacity for 800 people.
Exhibition space

Casa Colón has different exhibition spaces: room 100, ball court, halls and gardens.

Technical lectures and conferences

CASA COLÓN, HALL A AND B: press conferences, lectures, press room, etc.

LEVANTE PAVILION: B2B meetings: Business meetings will be organized.

We expect to have more than 500 PARTICIPANTS, 300 ATTENDANTS to the conferences and commercial presentations. 20 EXHIBITOR COMPANIES, with an economic impact of 2 MILLION EUROS for the city of Huelva.